Odyssey Integrated Invoice Links

Pay By The Month Invoicing Options

Odyssey Integrated Invoice Links

Integrated Invoice Links enable you to enhance your customer service levels by providing them with hyperlinks in your electronic invoices to online payment solutions.  This feature enables clients to link directly to their choice of payment - whether it be pay now by credit card or direct deposit or you can provide them with the flexibility to pay the total off in monthly instalments.

The Pay By The Month (PBTM) functionality in our Odyssey solution, automatically calculates monthly repayments and includes this amount as one of the payment options alongside current EFT or BPAY offerings on the client’s invoice with links to online payment portals. Providing links from your client’s invoices and statement to online payment methods is called “Integrated Payment Links”.

Sample Invoice

SampleInvoice INV 4189


This sample illustrates the invoices that would be sent to your customer from your accounting system.

The PayByTheMonth option is added onto the payment method options section.

To see a live demo:

Step 1 - Click on the image - this will take you to the accounting software system

Step 2 - Confirm the payment amount is correct and click Pay Now (top left)

Step 3 - Verify if you wish to pay any other outstanding invoices

Step 4 - Proceed to payment options - select pay now or pay monthly

Step 5 - complete necessary personal details.

Step 6 - Done!

With clients demanding flexibility and easy online processes, payments can now be made by direct debit or credit card on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

The Odyssey application is one of the only solutions available today that integrates with broker and funder systems, provides real-time credit checks (Dun and Bradstreet and Veda) and has automated workflow capabilities to automatically approve loans that meet certain criteria. This greatly reduces the amount of time to process applications.

This Integrated Invoice Links functionality has been successfully developed to work with leading vendors such as EBix and Xero. EPIC and TAM will be available in early 2017, and others are currently under development.

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