Online payment solutions for businesses

Odyssey Online Payment Solutions

Screen Shots

Following is a step-by-step process of how the Odyssey Payment Solution works.

How It Works

STEP 1 - Seamless Integration with your website

Pay My Account


STEP 2 - Send invoices from your accounting system (eg Xero) to your clients with link to online payment portal

 Invoice sample


STEP 3 - Customer clicks on link to verify correct invoice for payment (Xero link)

Xero Invoice


STEP 4 - See all outstanding invoices - Your customer can see other invoices for payment. Select Invoices to pay.

 select invoices

STEP 5 - Select your payment - Pay Now or Pay By The Month. By Credit Card or Direct Debit.

payment options

STEP 6 - Confirm details - pre-populated if using integrated accounting system.

Confirm details

STEP 7A - For Pay Now Credit Card Payments - Enter card details.

enter cc


STEP 7B - For Pay Now Direct Debit Payments - Enter bank details.

direct debit details

STEP 7C - For Pay By The Month installments - Complete the authorisation form.

authorisation form


STEP 8 - Transaction Complete.