Odyssey Professional Fee Funding Software

Flexible and Customisable to Meet Your Needs

Odyssey Pricing - Professional Fee Funding

There are four versions of the Odyssey application:

  • Bronze: Entry level version that caters for small in-house funders allowing up to a maximum of 500 current loans.
  • Silver: The features of Bronze plus General Ledger. 1000 current loans included in the pricing with additional loans at $1/month. Perfect for the larger in-house funder.
  • Gold: This is the package for a small finance company. Features of Silver plus Bank reconcilliation plus external access for intermediaries.
  • Platinum: For the mid-sized finance company with up to 10,000 current loans.
  • Diamond: For the large finance company, this version has all the bells and whistles.

See the table below for the feature set.

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Feature Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Quotes Y Y Y Y Y
Loans Y Y Y Y Y
Credit Control Y Y Y Y Y
Creditors Y Y Y Y Y
Controls Y Y Y Y Y
Red Planet Hosting Y Y Y Y Y
Integrated Invoice Links  (Pay By The Month) *Fees Apply    Y Y Y Y
Letters   Y Y Y Y
General Ledger   Y Y Y Y
Bank Reconciliation     Y Y Y
SMS Facility     Y Y Y
Online acceptance     Y Y Y
Accounting System API - External users     Y Y Y
Auto Journals       Y Y
Client Redebit Portal       Y Y
Mobile Interface       Y Y
UAT Environment       Y Y
Collections       Y Y
Exceptions       Y Y
Host on own infrastructure         Y
Included Current Loans 500 1000 2000 10,000 Unlimited

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