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About Red Planet Software



Red Planet Software is the leading provider of complete payment solutions specializing in Buy Now Pay Later Software, Insurance Premium Finance Software and Professional Fee Finance systems.

We are universally trusted to provide customized and cost-effective end-to-end software and support services in the finance industry. Our solutions manage quotes and loans administration through to financial reporting with feature-rich processes, automated approvals, intermediary and customer portals, integrated billing and online payments.

Founded in 2002, Red Planet Software is committed to excellence and continual evolvement. (Read more on Our Story). 

With installations throughout Australia, Canada, United States and New Zealand, and with expansion into the United Kingdom, Red Planet Software's approach remains responsive and customer-oriented to deliver flexible and reliable solutions. 

Our client list is vast and our finance solutions manage over $7 Billion in repayments annually.

We thrive on implementing effective loans and payment management to help you unlock profits and improve efficiencies within your organization and ensure we invest in extensive research and development for growth.

We know how important it is to maintain a competitive advantage.

Our proven quality solutions, exceptional service and our unsurpassed industry experience will keep you on the winning edge.


Our Vision

Red Planet’s vision is to be the planet’s provider of choice for Buy Now Pay Later Software, Insurance Premium Finance Software and Professional Fee Finance platforms.

Our Mission

Red Planet's mission is to help our customers be great at what they do.



Red Planet Software is universally trusted to deliver complete payment solutions for Buy Now Pay Later, Insurance Premium Finance and Professional Fee Finance organizations.

From staring at the stars when we were young, to our first application developed, we have evolved and learned from a lifetime of experience. With over 30 years of innovation and development, we have unrivaled knowledge and expertise in solution integration and proven concepts. We deliver.

With our extensive client base, we have proven creditability.

Our solutions manage over $7 Billion in repayments every year.

We deliver total loans management and payment solutions. Many providers offer solutions from Funder to Broker, or Broker to Customer; we manage the entire process that will benefit and enhance your customer’s experience. Red Planet Software can help you unlock the profitability in your finance operation, improve your business processes and increase customer retention rates.

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We have the world’s deepest payment solutions integration.

Our mission is to help you be great at what you do.


Global Leadership and Success



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Managing Director

Peter Williams has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. He founded Red Planet Software in 2002. He is an active member in the Australian Premium Funding Association with some of Australia’s leading funding providers.


Director: Business Development

Malcolm has worked in the financial services and premium finance sector for over 25 years. With roles spanning IT, Operations, Marketing, Product development, Process Quality and even Sales, he has worked in small startup premium finance companies as well as major financial institutions such as GE Capital, Allianz, Macquarie and NAB. Malcolm now heads up our North American operations, currently based in Canada.


Wendy Allie
Client Account Manager

Wendy has worked with over 200 clients implementing IT systems over a period of 30 years.  She has vast experience in recognising and catering for individual client needs and works in conjunction with our clients to achieve the optimal configuration of the Odyssey package for each installation.

Sharon 100

Sharon Wilkosz
Customer Support Manager

Sharon manages the help desk team and client support requirements.  They are the first point of call for any feature or support request and manage these requests from inception to delivery.


Reeve Vaughan
Product Development Manager

Reeve is responsible for the technical design and manages the on-going R&D roadmap of the Odyssey application.  Having over 25 years in software design and over 15 specifically in the financial services industry.