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Attvest Finance

In the highly competitive and complex Insurance Premium Finance sector we at Attvest Finance operate in, it is crucial that you not only hire a software service provider, you take a long-term view and engage a trusted partner. That is exactly what we did when Attvest opened its doors in 2014. We chose Red Planet Software to start the journey with us, and they have been with us ever since. Red Planet has in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the financial industry and have been instrumental in designing a customized, flexible, and scalable solution for us. We not only make use of their end-to-end applications to integrate various portals, administer and manage our loans in real time but rely on them to react quickly to changes in our requirements, growth, and expansion needs. Red Planet has provided consistent and exceptional service over the last six years – a partner we would recommend.

Johan Steyn – Managing Director




Principal Finance

Before moving to Red Planet Software we were using two separate platforms that operated independent of each other and required multiple manual processes each day. As our business grew, we found ourselves having to increase the size of our team rapidly just to keep up with the growing workload. This in turn created tremendous pressure on our processes and was impacting our usually high level of service. We were thoroughly impressed with the capability of the Odyssey software package and the extensive experience Peter and his team at Red Planet Software had. This experience helped ease any major concerns we had about changing our software provider and undoubtedly ensured that we encountered no major issues during the process of migrating. Upon reflection, the decision to move to the Odyssey software package has thoroughly transformed our business. Odyssey has automated many of our previously manual tasks, enabling us to simultaneously streamline our team and scale quickly as our business continues to grow. We have no hesitation recommending Odyssey software as well as Peter and his fabulous team.

Daniel Gronert – Managing Director



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Elantis Premium Funding (N.Z.) Ltd - (Formerly Lumley Finance (N.Z.) Ltd)

Elantis Premium Funding (N.Z.) Ltd has been premium funding since October 1996 and has been a user of the Odyssey Premium Funding system since inception. Over the years Elantis has endured substantial business growth in loan volumes and market share.

It is a credit to Peter Williams and his team at Red Planet Software that the Odyssey system has continued to develop and grow to meet our specific requirements in serviceability, adaptability, reliability and local government legislation.

We look upon Red Planet Software as a close strategic business partner and our continual success can, in a small way, be attributed to the on-going positive business relationship and system support we receive from Red Planet.

Ross Clarke – NZ Manager










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