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Red Planet Software News

Pay Monthly Option is introduced into Ebix Broking Systems

Ebix is pleased to announce that the latest enhancement to the widely used Premium Funding Interface. The Pay Monthly module, often referred to as Background Funding, is now available for WinBEAT and CBS and will be available later in the year for eGlobal and Ebix Evolution.

Innovation for Premium Funding with new Integrated Invoice Links and Pay By The Month Offerings

Red Planet Software delivers innovative technology to premium funding and professional fee funding providers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA May 13, 2016: Red Planet Software, one of Australia’s largest software solution providers for insurance premium funding and professional fee funding, has released Pay By The Month (PBTM) functionality for brokers and funders.

Opportunity Knocks in Asia

Mr Peter Williams from Red Planet Software says they are expanding into Asian markets with cloud-based solutions for the financial sector. He also explains why Asian businesses can benefit from their commercial insurance premium funding software solutions.

Natural disasters (floods, tsunamis, fires, earthquakes), increases in operating expenses and rising costs in claims have all had a significant impact on increasing insurance premiums over recent years. Existing customers are starting to question the value of insurance and opt to shop around in search of better and more affordable solutions before renewing policies.

 Taking On Insurance Premium Funding In Asia

Tuesday 11 February, 2014. Brisbane, Australia: Red Planet Software, a leading provider of software solutions to finance providers, today announced the launch of its expansion into Asia. With domination in the Australian marketplace in the provision of insurance premium funding software solutions and rapid growth within New Zealand, Asia presents the next local location for the company's expansion.

Red Planet Software Automating Automotive Financing Applications For Brokers and Financiers

 Red Planet Software Launches Car Loans Management Application


Tuesday, December 3, 2013. Brisbane, Australia. Red Planet Software, a leading provider of cloud-based funding applications for the financial industry. Today, Red Planet Software announced the release of its Car Loans Management application as part of the Odyssey range of solutions. This application can be implemented by funding providers offering secured and unsecured loans to both consumer and commercial borrowers. The Car Loans Management application will enable funders that use Red Planet’s solution greater flexibility for processing, approving and managing financing for their clientele.

Red Planet interface with Dun & Bradstreet to provide new credit status updates.


Wednesday October 23, 2013. Brisbane, Australia. Red Planet Software, a leading provider of software solutions to Finance providers, today announced the launch of an interface from Red Planet’s Odyssey Funding Management software directly to credit information bureau Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

This innovative development will allow financiers to electronically transmit their trial balances to D&B and receive a credit status update on each of their clients (company or individual) to help access the suitability and risk involved in continuing to provide funding to the borrower.

Red Planet Software Launches Mobile Application

Monday, June 17, 2013. Brisbane, Australia. Red Planet Software, a leading provider in Premium Funding and Professional Fee Funding applications, today announced the release of its iPhone application for its Odyssey Premium Funding solutions. The iPhone application will enable all funders, brokers and insurers that use Red Planet’s solution greater flexibility for processing and approving premium funding for their clientele.


The application provides premium funding repayment calculations and integrates with real-time approval processes, and electronic client authorisations. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to process applications and streamline the associated administrative tasks involved. The new mobile technology is seamlessly integrated with back office financing and banking systems and delivers a complete end-to-end solution from broker to client to funder.

Online Application Approvals for Premium Funding Providers

Tuesday July 16, 2013. Brisbane, Australia. Red Planet Software, a leading provider in Premium Funding and Professional Fee Funding applications is one of the first funding software providers to deliver online application approval processes for clients seeking funding for insurance premiums or professional fees through brokers and funding providers.


When clients are presented with a contract, they are now given the option to print/sign/email or accept the contract electronically. The Odyssey Funding and Loans Management solutions generate unique, secure passwords that the client can use when they enter and authorise their billing details and accept the terms and conditions of their agreements with their chosen broker or funder.


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