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Insurance Premium Financing Software




Odyssey, our Insurance Premium Finance Software (IPF) flagship product, delivers flexibility and efficiency for premium finance providers. It is the global leader in this niche area of financial services and used by a growing number of premium financing providers in Canada, the majority of premium finance providers in Australia and New Zealand, and establishing a firm foothold in the USA.

Odyssey allows insurance brokers and financing providers to have real-time information at their fingertips. It instantly delivers insurance premium financing quotations, repayment requirements and incorporates easy-to-use, online electronic approval processes. It seamlessly integrates with key finance provider systems, from Quotes through to Financial Reports. Odyssey’s “key-it-once” concept helps reduces data entry and administrative tasks, speeds up approval processes and ensures accuracy in reporting and credit management.

The Odyssey Insurance Premium Software has been developed in consultation with the financial services industry and ensures clients have control of financial information. Odyssey consists of five core modules – Quotes, Loans, Clients, Creditors and General Ledger (including Bank Reconciliation).

It is the product of choice for premium finance providers and insurance brokers.



What's in it for me?




  • Continual innovation
  • Flexibility - access anywhere anytime
  • Easy administration
  • Speedy approval processes
  • Automated notifications
  • Instant credit checks
  • Reduce and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks
  • Offer flexible billing and online payment methods
  • Manage cash flow
  • “Key-it-once” administration
  • 24/7 customer service













  Management Reports







  Electronic interfaces with third parties


Odyssey provides electronic interface with banks and payment gateway providers. The system transmits generated files to the bank for collections and payments as well as receives bank statement files for rejections and bank reconciliations.


Premium finance broking systems

Premium finance quotes or contracts created in compatible broking systems, including Winbeat, Applied Epic, CBS, E-Global, Broker Plus and Broker Advantage, can be interfaced into Odyssey. All policy and client information is electronically transferred, including mobile phone numbers and email addresses.


Online credit checks

To automate credit approval process from within Odyssey, Red Planet Software has developed online access to various credit bureaus. This can be implemented in various ways, from a basic entity check through to an automated approval decision-making process.



  Mobile Access

Odyssey is a cloud based application offering secure online access to authorized parties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Odyssey system can be accessed in the office via your computer or out on the road while visiting clients via your mobile technology such as a tablet or Smartphone. The ability to provide instant quotes, access loan statistics and gain electronic approvals streamlines business operations, reduces application processing times and offers greater flexibility for intermediaries, agents and clients.



  Online acceptance

Odyssey allows end borrowers to access the loan online, thus eliminating the time consuming need for signatures and return of paperwork.


This streamlines the process and reduces the time from the borrower receiving the quotation to their acceptance dramatically. Their accepting of the loan online can then trigger the auto approval process, and if successful, the debit for the first repayment. To see how online acceptance works, please click here.



  In life loan management

The Odyssey loan system is designed to provide the user with complete flexibility throughout the life of the loan.
Functions available to the user include:

  • Change payment method or date
  • Override a scheduled payment
  • Manual receipts
  • Add fees
  • Restructure a loan
  • Cancel, terminate or reinstate a loan

The Loan Enquiry facility provides a comprehensive view of all transactions against the loan, loan status, payments due, contract details and repayments schedule.


  Multiple payment and collection methods

Odyssey offers multiple methods of collecting payments from clients or sending payments to creditors. These include:

  • Direct Debit
  • Periodic payment for customer initiated transfers
  • Manual (cash, cheque)
  • Credit Card

Creditors can be paid by cheque or direct credit. Individual creditor can be paid by different methods for various transaction types – e.g. settlement, commission, or sundry. Remittance advices can be printed or emailed.



  User defined forms and letters automatically triggered

With Odyssey, PDF letters, emails and SMS's are automatically triggered. For example, Contracts, Terms and Conditions and Acceptance letters can be generated at quote approval stage. Overdue Letters 1, 2 and 3 are generated according to the number of days payments remain outstanding. Endorsement, Cancellation, Termination or Finalisation letters are also generated at the appropriate stages.




Odyssey provides users, managers and auditors with the ability to track changes to sensitive areas, such as loans details and client or creditor information, through the use of a time and date stamped notes system.


A sophisticated permission-based user login and password system allows menus to be configured in-house to limit access to different user groups according to requirements. All access is recorded in a security log.


Odyssey General Ledger system has the ability to drill down on any entry to trace user, time and date posted as well as associated entries.



  Extensive reporting

With over 50 inbuilt reports, each Odyssey module has a large selection of reports that can be printed to PDF or to Excel. Some frequently used reports are:

  • Quote Report
  • Broker Analysis Report
  • Monthly Business Report
  • Prepaid Commission Report
  • Interest Forecast Report
  • Unearned Interest Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Insurance Analysis Report
  • Financial Statements

The Odyssey Digital Dashboard offers a real time graphical display of selected information.




There are four versions of the Odyssey application:

  • Silver: This is our entry level package. 1000 current loans included in the pricing with additional loans at $1/month. Perfect for the in-house funder.
  • Gold: This is the package for a small finance company. Features of Silver plus Bank reconciliation plus external access for intermediaries.
  • Platinum: For the mid-sized finance company with up to 10,000 current loans.
  • Diamond: For the large finance company, this version has all the bells and whistles.

Click on the icons for the feature set.



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WATCH - Credit Controls Module Demo