Red Planet Software Expands to the USA, Elevating Premium Finance Globally.

Red Planet Software, the software provider powering all of Australia and New Zealand’s leading premium funding companies, is proud to announce we have expanded by opening an office in the United States.

This significant expansion follows our successful foundation in the Australian and New Zealand markets, alongside our entry into the Canadian market five years ago.

Peter Williams, CEO and Founder, emphasizes:

“Our commitment to innovation and excellence has always been centered around our clients. In 2002, I recognized the need to empower Premium Financiers, Brokers, and Agents with a comprehensive solution and deep integration with broker systems. Today, we are excited to expand into the US market, empowering new clients to achieve growth and success through our enhanced operations.”

With many clients in North America already utilizing our Premium Finance software, our company is rapidly gaining momentum within the US insurance industry. Our innovative solutions are resonating with insurance agents, brokers, carriers, and premium financiers across the nation.

On the events front, Red Planet Software is taking off in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in Las Vegas next week, be sure to visit the Red Planet Software booth at the AppliedNet conference. Wendy Allie, Mark Allie, and Malcolm MacDonald will be on hand to discuss Red Planet Software’s capabilities and how it can elevate your insurance business operations. Keep an eye out for them in their astronaut outfits, reflecting the exciting journey we are on.

The following week, we will be proudly representing the select Australian delegation at ITC Vegas, in partnership with Insurtech Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the Red Planet Software team during this event too.

For more information about our Premium Finance solutions, please visit