Don’t just take our word for it!

Western Financial Group


Western Financial Group is a diversified insurance service company that services Canada from over 179 locations across the country. Our previous system presented us with challenges that did not meet our future business growth strategy and the changing ways we wanted to interact with our customers.

Red Planet Software expressed a keen interest in our business, in our success and worked alongside us to find solutions. Their product is reliable and easy. But the biggest asset is their guidance and agility. From day-one we could produce the reports we needed, the calculations were right, and any issues identified as part of the transition to their system were addressed and resolved within hours/days. The worry about our legacy system managing our growth was immediately off our shoulders.

We’ve been able to centralize risk management around the portfolio, which has been critical in the midst of this pandemic. It gives us confidence in offering up a safety net for our customers who hadn’t considered premium financing in the past.

In the twenty months since conversion, we’ve grown our portfolio by almost 50%. For the first time we’ve been able to allocate the correct revenue to branches that sell premium financing and added significant valuable income to our branch and staff bonus pools. We’ve had consistent double-digit growth in our financing revenue since implementation.

We now have more time to service our customers, develop new products, improve the ways to interact with our branches, and can enhance our back office workflows. We get to work smarter not harder.

Natalie Malech – VP Finance & Risk

Attvest Finance


In the highly competitive and complex Insurance Premium Finance sector we at Attvest Finance operate in, it is crucial that you not only hire a software service provider, you take a long-term view and engage a trusted partner. That is exactly what we did when Attvest opened its doors in 2014.

We chose Red Planet Software to start the journey with us, and they have been with us ever since. Red Planet has in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the financial industry and have been instrumental in designing a customized, flexible, and scalable solution for us.

We not only make use of their end-to-end applications to integrate various portals, administer and manage our loans in real time but rely on them to react quickly to changes in our requirements, growth, and expansion needs.

Red Planet has provided consistent and exceptional service over the last six years – a partner we would recommend.

Johan Steyn – Managing Director

Bamboo Premium Financing Inc. (A Division of Optiom Inc.)


Bamboo Premium Financing Inc. through our affiliated partner Optiom Inc., assists insurance brokers and dealerships in providing premium finance solutions to their clients, with flexible payment alternatives and easy monthly payments for all auto insurance needs.

Based on a recommendation from a Red Planet client partner, we engaged Red Planet to provide a loan administration system, ‘Odyssey’, to launch our financing business in 2022. The implementation phase took approximately 8 months. The Red Planet team was supportive throughout the entire implementation process, as no employee of Bamboo had worked with a system like Odyssey before. There was a learning curve, but the Red Planet team held our hands and got us to the launch date and brought Bamboo’s vision to life.

The main statement that I can recall, is that the team would say “we can make anything work” and they did. As a new company we had a lot of unique requests, and they came through on them all. They were very knowledgeable of their product and their FreshDesk tool provided additional support.

Red Planet understands the importance of providing an exceptional product and outstanding customer service to ensure satisfaction, and they are a partner that we would recommend.

Sarah-Jane Sharkey – General Manager

IC Premium Financing (A Division of The InsureBC Group)


Due to limitations in our legacy platform, the decision to change our software to a more customizable solution was imperative. The Red Planet team’s ability to translate our needs into a custom solution has enhanced our business practices in immeasurable ways. There has been nothing that has been promised by the team that has not been delivered.

The Odyssey System has surpassed all of our expectations through it’s customized automated processes and integrations. It has allowed us to move away from our manual paper-based processes, become more efficient, productive and optimize performance.

Quick quoting, automated payment collection, automated email communication with clients and brokers, integrations with high volume sales divisions and renewal management are just a handful of the benefits offered by the system.

Almost two years after conversion, our portfolio has tripled and it is with no doubt that Red Planet has been key to this growth. The team’s creativity and innovative mindset to offer out of box solutions has not gone unnoticed. I hold Red Planet in high regard and without hesitation offer my strongest recommendation.

Karm Lidder – VP Accounting

Arteva Funding


Before moving to Red Planet Software we were using two separate platforms that operated independent of each other and required multiple manual processes each day. As our business grew, we found ourselves having to increase the size of our team rapidly just to keep up with the growing workload.

This in turn created tremendous pressure on our processes and was impacting our usually high level of service. We were thoroughly impressed with the capability of the Odyssey software package and the extensive experience Peter and his team at Red Planet Software had. This experience helped ease any major concerns we had about changing our software provider and undoubtedly ensured that we encountered no major issues during the process of migrating.

Upon reflection, the decision to move to the Odyssey software package has thoroughly transformed our business. Odyssey has automated many of our previously manual tasks, enabling us to simultaneously streamline our team and scale quickly as our business continues to grow.

We have no hesitation recommending Odyssey software as well as Peter and his fabulous team.

Daniel Gronert – Managing Director

Elantis Premium Funding (N.Z) Ltd


Elantis Premium Funding (N.Z.) Ltd has been premium funding since October 1996 and has been a user of the Odyssey Premium Funding system since inception. Over the years Elantis has endured substantial business growth in loan volumes and market share.

It is a credit to Peter Williams and his team at Red Planet Software that the Odyssey system has continued to develop and grow to meet our specific requirements in serviceability, adaptability, reliability and local government legislation.

We look upon Red Planet Software as a close strategic business partner and our continual success can, in a small way, be attributed to the on-going positive business relationship and system support we receive from Red Planet.

Ross Clarke – NZ Manager