Shaping Premium Finance Software Solutions in the UK

Join us in welcoming Steve Wallis to Red Planet Software as he takes the reins in shaping the future of Premium Finance Software solutions in the UK. Together, we embark on an exciting journey where innovation and technology underpin success for businesses across the United Kingdom.

Passionate about providing customers with market-leading payment solutions, Steve is committed to leading Red Planet Software’s presence in the UK as the Country Manager. With a 22-year background in premium finance, He held senior roles spanning product, business development, change, and IT – during which he led the launch and rollout of a range of innovative solutions, always keeping the customer at the forefront.

At Red Planet, his expertise lies in delivering innovative software solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers in the UK. We are on a mission to revolutionise the way companies operate by aligning business objectives with cutting-edge technology. Red Planet Premium Finance and Fee Funding Software manage the entire process to enhance customers’ experience and benefit businesses. Managing over £5 billion in repayments annually, we’ve solidified our position as leaders in the Premium Finance industry, globally.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible payment solution for your insurance clients or are an insurance technology provider, reach out and let’s explore the opportunities. Click here to contact us!

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